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Bendable Titanium Prescription Glasses
Under $100 Complete!

Top Quality Prescription Eyeglasses and Sunglasses At Cheap Prices

Bendable Titanium Frames

Bendable titanium frames are truly an innovation. They are metal frames that can get bent and twisted and then instantly spring back to the original shape and size. Yet, as strong as these eyeglass frames are they weigh than a paper cup, and are more durable than most people would ever expect. These are the lightest and sturdiest frames we carry at a fraction of the cost of most retail priced outlets.

How do we sell eyeglasses for less?

We created an inexpensive method for people to acquire high quality prescription eyeglasses. We bypass expensive retail establishments to sell prescription eyeglasses at discounted prices.

Operating this website is a lot less expensive than a typical retail establishment, so we pass these savings on to our customers.

  • Cool looks with titanium eyeglass frames.
  • Get eye glasses online with your current eyeglass prescriptions.
  • Retail eyeglass stores typically charge more than double our prices.
  • We buy straight from the eyeglass factory and pass the savings to you.
  • Large selection of mens eyeglasses to choose from.
  • Using all the latest advances and eyeglass tools to make yours great.
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